Welcome to Champers on Tap

Mobile Bars

Here you will find a full breakdown of our private hire mobile bars and other services.

We are professional, reliable and bring something special to every event we attend. We have a team of enthusiastic, friendly, well-trained staff, who will help make your Champers on tap experience extraordinary. Accept no imitations. Get in touch to order or find out more.

Our Pouring Stations

Setting up at any event is quick and easy and we make sure the dispensing station is exactly to your taste and style. The mobile bars are compact and can fit into most event spaces, making it perfect for garden parties and weddings, as well as large festivals and corporate shindigs.

The bar serves flash-cooled bubbly on tap, so you don’t have to pre-chill hundreds of bottles. No need to hire cumbersome refrigeration units or dozens of ice buckets.

Mobile Champagne Bars

Our Bubbly

Our bubbly comes by the keg with each keg containing about 130 glasses of lovely ready to drink bubbly. There are no bottles to open and keep cold and the special layout of the dispensing station means that guests can either be served by a member of our staff, or you can create some fun and allow guests to help themselves to a glass without wasting a drop.

Our Bubbles

We will only ever serve the best quality bubbles, and have tried and tested a number of fine sparkling wines, before landing happily on bubbly and regard them as the very best on-tap sparkling wine suppliers in the business.

Our bubbly is easy drinking and made from a quality blend of South African Chenin and Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

It’s a young and light sparkling wine, making it an ideal drink for any occasion. Unlike Champagne, with its complex secondary aromas, bubbly has intense primary aromas which taste fresh, light and comparatively simple. Our bubbly is amazing served on its own, but also makes an excellent base for a range of cocktails.

Why Use Us

Quality Quality
Made from the high quality South African grapes. Not as dry as your traditional Brut and not as sweet as those sweetened Sparklers. It appeals to every pallet, tastes amazing and serving temperature is spot on every single time.
Fresh Fresh
No more oxidized wines by the glass or waste. Our promise to you is a better glass of sparkling wine. One that you are proud to serve, your customers will enjoy, and is sustainable.
Value Value
Save 10-15% or more compared to same wine from bottle and eliminate loss from corked bottles and oxidized wines. A premium drink at a reasonable price for the customer that also maintains excellent margins for the restaurant/bar. Everybody wins.
Convenience Convenience
No need to open bottles anymore. Making cocktails is much easier and quicker. More compact and easier to handle than hundreds of bottles. No empty bottles to dispose of.
Eco Friendly Eco Friendly
Serving on tap eliminates the needs for bottles, corks and labels and removes them from the waste streams. Champers only uses recyclable one-way kegs which significantly reduces our carbon footprint.